Summary linked to a filed in the parent table

I almost got the page I want.

The top left TRADES table is table I want to link to.

I’m trying to get a combo of the bottom 2 tables. I want the data linked to the TradeDate in the Trades table, like the bottom left table. But I want a summary of all the records with that date, like in the bottom right table. But I only want the single record that is the summary and with the same date as TradeDate in the TRADES table.

I couldn’t figure out how to link and summarize in the same table.

any help is appreciated

Hi @Mike_Moeller,

I’m not sure I fully understand your setup, but you can convert the bottom right table to a summary table by using Edit Data Selection button, and then grouping by the TradeDate, like this:

For the right bottom table, you need to change the selection in the Data tab, and choose the TRADES [by TradeDate] -> TradeDate option:

Here is a sample document that I created with a similar setup link.

Hey jarek

that doesn’t work quite the way I need it to.

Table 1, TRADES [by TradeDate] is the “master”.

When I select a date there, it selects all the trades for that date in table 2, the TRADES table. That part works the way I want.

When you select a trade in table 2, it selects the associated image on the right, and the associated MR record below it in table 3

But I’d like the MR summary table at the bottom, table 4, to filter based on the date chosen in the top TRADES [by TradeDate] table. Instead I get all the summary records.

I didn’t see a way to both associate table 4 with table 1 and make it a summary table. It seems to let me do one or the other.

any help is appreciated

Hi @Mike_Moeller,

When you click on table 4 (on the image above), what do you see in the SELECT BY section in the right panel? It should be enough to set TRADE [by TradeDate] -> TradeDate