Summary table column name collision


I came across something today that feels like a bug although it might be by design; it’s certainly unsettling

  • Create a Table and and some data
  • On the same page or a different page create a summary table for your table
  • On the same page or a different page (a different page is how I found it and makes it more disconcerting) create another summary table grouped by some column
  • (Note Raw Data view shows you now have three separate tables)
  • Add a column to your first summary table and called ‘Test’ and set a formula eg =6
  • Move to your grouped summary table - look in the list of available shown/hidden columns - There aren’t any hidden ones available
  • Add a column called ‘Test’ to your grouped summary table and set the formula eg ="Weird"
  • Go back to the summary table - now your Test column shows ‘Weird’ - the formulas are linked if you use the same column names even though everything else about your two summary tables seems different - This is either a bug or quite surprising

I think if the tables are the same one they should show as such in the Raw Data view, it should show all the columns in show/hide and it shouldn’t let you ‘create’ a new column with an existing name. If they’re supposed to be separate the column names need namespacing so they can’t interfere.