Switch page and record focus

Let suppose I have hundreds row in table1
Let supppose I have table2 linked to table 1 in another page
Is it possible to add a column hyper llink that would :

  • open table1 in its page
  • focus on the reference row ?

Help concept here :

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Hi Sylvain,

Yes, it is. In Table2, you can add a column with a formula
"Link " + "https://docs.getgrist.com/doc/x1ncYkJwxtnq#a1.s1.r" + str($A.id) + ".c2"
When you change that column’s type to Text and Format to HyperLink, Grist will show only the “Link” part (notice space between Link and URL - it tells Grist to hide the URL and show only Link).
I retrieved the URL by going to Table1 and copying any record’s “Anchor Link” (using the row context menu). The Anchor Link is not documented, but the “r” part is a row’s id, so we can just replace it with the id we got from a Reference column A.