Themes for Grist frontend look


Kudos for making Grist happen. I like it a lot and I’m happy to learn the features.

We want to integrate Grist with our products at Codenotary. Is there any way to customize the general look of Grist through themes, CSS manipulation, so that we can have impact on the colors, fonts etc?

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Hi @Marcin_Kaminski, thanks for the kind words! It is possible to customize the look of self-managed Grist, meaning Grist that you install on your own infrastructure, see How do I customize styling. There’s no UI yet to do this for hosted Grist (our service at What kind of integration are you interested in?

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Customize CSS is wonderful but how to change site icon?

Hi @BiBo , if you mean the “favicon” shown in browser tabs, you can override that by doing something like this in your docker settings or their equivalent:

-v $PWD/favicon.png:/grist/static/icons/favicon.png

(assuming you have a replacement available as $PWD/favicon.png)

If you mean the icon shown in the top left of pages, that can be done via CSS, see the --icon-GristLogo setting:


Thanks, this is exactly what I needed!