Toggle a switch with a condition

I have a column called “Status”, it is a choice column type. I also have a “completed” column which is a switch/toggle. I would like to do the following :

Initially, I would like the toggle to be set to off. When “Status” field has been set to the choice of “Paid”, I would like the “Completed” column toggle to be switched to green/on. Like in the below pic.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 13.33.40

I understand I could use the Trigger formula and apply on record change. I just don’t know how to set the toggle to on. It would start with something like : if $Status == “Paid”: ??

Thank you in advance!

Hi Leon,

The simplest solution would be to convert the Completed column to a formula column:

With this, the checkbox will always reflect the current state of the Status Column.

If you want to be able to manually override the Completed column value, you can add a trigger formula, which will update the value only when the Status column is changed:

In this configuration, the Completed column behaves the same way, but you can manually switch the completed status if you like. You can think of the column with a trigger, as a regular formula column that will be triggered only when certain conditions are met.

It depends on the purpose of the Completed column. What makes the Status column insufficient? Should users be able to override Completed and set it to either true of false regardless of Status? What happens if Status changes from Paid to Not Paid?

Thank you guys! Appreciate it!