Trigger formula gets populated with new records

Hi, I have two column where I want to record the timestamp when any changes is being made. However, Wehn I add new rows, those two column gets triggered. it pollutes my result. I just want it to happen when any changes is made, not when the record is created.

How to do this? Currently I am using Today() trigger formula applying on changes.

I don’t know any way to avoid formula evaluation on creation, but there could be a workaround if you have also a Created At column defined as a Date with TODAY() as a trigger formula:

t = TODAY()
t if t != $Created_At else None

The drawback is that it won’t update Last Updated At if you make a change the same day as you create a record.

If it is a problem, you’d better change TODAY() for NOW(), with a DateTime type instead of Date; then Last Updated At trigger formula could be as follows:

t = NOW()
delta = 10  # minimal number of seconds after creation to update this field
t if t.timestamp() - $Created_At.timestamp() > delta else None
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