Trying to GROUP BY a reference column but it seems that is not allowed

I am building my own CRM on Grist. I have the following Pages

The Pipeline page has information from Company, Customer Page.
I also would like to add for each Customer the interactions.

My idea was to build a Widget to the Page with all interactions for a specific customer although when I try to reference the customer (the key that links it to the Interactions Page) the field is grayed out.

Is this because in my pipeline page customer is reference to the customer Page?
Any suggestions as a workaround?


Hi there!

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I’m not yet sure where you’re running into this issue. Would you be able to share your document with To share, click the share icon at the top right of the document then ‘Manage’ Users’. Add our email ( as an OWNER. Be sure to click the green confirm button to save.

I created an example with generic data based on your explanation and have made it publicly editable. If it’s easier, feel free to update the example based on the layout of your actual document and we can troubleshoot that way.


Thanks Natalie, really enjoying Grist !!

Thanks for the prompt response.

Please find attached a screenshot from your example. In this case I would like to link Customers to companies.


Thanks for the screenshot! The issue here is the selection under ‘Data From Table’. The Customers table is currently listed but it should be Companies. Then, under ‘Show Column’, you’ll be able to select ‘Name’ from the Companies table.

Now, you’ll be able to pick a Company from the Companies table for each Customer.

Now, you can create a summary table for the Customers table, grouped by Company.