Turn off calc feature

It would be great if Grist had a auto-calc feature like Excel. I have a number of formulas for summary tables, but having them re-calc every time I enter a new record is extremely frustrating.

It would be nice to turn of all the calcs when I’m entering data, and do a complete calc when I need to update the summary tables.

Is there any was to do this in Grist?

I have a case where I found a way to do that, for a table that is used to prepare an html view with many related (and calculated) fields: instead of defining the (heavy) calculated cells as formulas, you may define them as trigger formulas, and add a switch to trigger the calculation whenever you need it. If you want to trigger several lines in one time, you could use an action button.

Sample here: if you change Product in one row, Concat will only get calculated when you switch Toggle.

That sounds like a great idea, but I have summary tables and Grist wont let me make the field a trigger formula. Is there a way around this?

The DATE table (top table) summarizes data from the SETUPS table (middle table) by date. The SETUPS table summarizes the TRADES table (bottom table) by time.

When I try to change a calculated field in the DATE table, it wont let me switch the formula to a trigger formula

Sorry, my mistake: the table I have isn’t a summary one, and I have to create a record for each new information. I think there is no way to prevent automatic updates in summary tables.

No worries.

I appreciate the input. I’m sure that will help me on some other calc fields that aren’t in summary tables