Update Access Not Working

Hi, I’ve granted the public access to a table (post - raw) and allow them to see 3 columns. One of the columns (img) grants R/U to everyone.

However, when shared to another person, they can only see all 3 columns but cannot update the img column.

Feel free to login my account if necessary to look at it. Support has access.

It seems this is a general rule that viewers cannot update the document.
When i try this i get:

This message is not in the Access Rules so it think its a general rule.

Do you mean the default rules? But VIEWER (and everyone else) is given explicit permission to the img column and it’s above the default rule. Doesn’t that take precedence over the default rule about R/U?

Ok, found that it was in the Sharing setting. Probably not a good idea to separate these two access controls.