Update cacles for REQUEST function in formula

I’ve built a simple crypto/stock tracker table which pulls the current rate of a stock or coin via a REQUEST call in a formula to then show the actual current value. This works great, however, I noticed that sometimes, the values are not updated when re-opening the sheet or even the entire grist.

So my question is two-fold: How often and when are these REQUEST calls actually refreshed? And is there a way to manually trigger a refresh? Function reference - Grist Help Center says that REQUEST isn’t even implemented, so that’s no help there :wink:

I have a self-hosted grist latest, with GRIST_ENABLE_REQUEST_FUNCTION: 1

There are two kinds of formulas in Grist: regular formulas and trigger formulas. REQUEST can be called from either.

Regular formulas get evaluated:

  1. when any dependency changes (e.g. if it uses a value from another cell, like $Foo, and that value changes)
  2. when the document is reopened from cold state. This is hard to predict and should not be relied on: a document stays open while anyone has it open, and for some time afterwards.
  3. formulas that use functions like NOW() or TODAY(), get re-evaluated roughly once an hour.

Trigger formulas get evaluated only when the specified trigger condition happens: see here.