Update row value from html viewer Or custom URL

Hello :grinning:,
Can we modify value of columns from an html viewer or a custom URL?
for example, displaying a gallery view from multiple rows with a toggle to change the status ?


The HTML Viewer is only a viewer and cannot modify values in the table. The Markup editor does allow modifications.

You would need a custom widget for your example. Custom widgets allow you to insert almost anything into the document but you would be required to build it. The article linked below walks through getting data, access level, column mapping, etc. It’s a good starting point for building your own custom widgets.


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How the “Markdown editor” allow modifications ?
How can I for example display the “Pic” (attachment and url sometimes) column in the markdown widget ? Can we access to other columns ?

In the markdown widget, you can edit the text in the widget then click save. It will modify the text in the table.


You would need to create a custom widget to display what you want. You can look at the code for our existing widgets at the link below as examples for how to map columns, get data, etc.