Update Screen Widgets Following Filter Set?

I have a text data-centric application. I have a table that begins with all data. There are 2 detail widgets to show record detail. These widgets update as another row is selected in the table as expected. However …

If I apply a filter on the table and the new data is now displayed, however the 2 widgets still show the data from the prior row selection … UNTIL user taps a row in the table, then the widgets update. As the developer, this is not an issue once I know to expect this behavior but an unfamiliar user might apply a filter, now see Record 5 at the top of the table and assume the detail is for Record 5, but the two widgets are still displaying data from Record 99 [until any table row is tapped]

Am I missing some setting tweak that would correct this behavior (trigger the sub-widgets to reflect the new top record)? I’m a new Grist user so it’s entirely possible I’m missing something.

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I can confirm this behaviour, it seems like a bug to me. Should I open an issue?