Usage Statistics


I have a document in a team site with the free plan. The team has 14 members, with myself as the owner. Until yesterday, I think I could see the Document history, as well as the usage statistics. But now I am not able to anymore. When I click on Raw Data, It says the usage statistics are only available to users with full acces to the document data. But I am the owner, so I don’t know what happened.

I tried logging out and in again, I tried restarting the browser. Deleted the browsers cache and cookies.But I’m still unable to see the usage.

It works on every other document I made, just stoped working on this one in particular.

Is there something I did? Can it be fixed?

Thank you,

My bad.

I fixed it. I found an unfinished Access Rule for one table, and that was enough. Now everything is working again.

In case it happens to someone else.