User spotlight: Neurodivergent professional uses Grist to manage challenges of ADHD. Offers tips to other ADHD users

Today marks the end of Neurodiversity Celebration Week. In honor of it, we’re sharing the story of one of our super users who self-disclosed his neurodivergence a few months ago in a user interview. As a followup to that interview, Eric sat down with myself and Anais last month to share the challenges he faces from his ADHD Dx and how he leaned into the flexible structure of Grist to create the productivity system he wasn’t finding elsewhere.

We were moved by his willingness to share the impact ADHD has had on his personal and professional life and how he used Grist to successfully create a system to reduce those challenges. Read about his journey, how he uses Grist, and which templates are his favorites. Eric also has some great tips for getting started with Grist as a user with ADHD.

We hope you find his story as interesting as we have: Lawyer with ADHD Tackles His Tasks | Case Study | Grist