User Table customisation

How can you customize the users table?
For example, add a phone number, Telegram id, and interact with these new fields via the API?
I understand that this can be done through SQL, but this is absolutely not correct.
The support of the Authentik server just for the sake of the Grist service is simply killing me, and the integration with Telegram as an IDP is haunting me.

Hmm, does Authentik support logging in with Telegram? Based on Add Telegram as a social login provider · Issue #2232 · goauthentik/authentik · GitHub, it seems that not really, though someone may have created some workaround?

Hello @dmitry-grist
I mean I use Authentik only for Grist. I’m looking for ways to get rid of this, as we understand it, you can identify a user not only by email.

I see. One thought I have is that this project (Support SCIM · Issue #870 · gristlabs/grist-core · GitHub), which is a priority for some active Grist contributors, may lead to more flexible, or at least more standardized, ways to identify users.