Using Grist on a static website

I made a proof of concept of showing Grist documents on a static website without any special back-end support:

Normally Grist documents are hosted on a special server, which does all the computations and makes sure that edits by one user are seen by all. With grist-static, the computations and edits are moved into your browser, all the server does is provide assets (.html files, .js files, .css files, images, and now .grist files :slight_smile: ). If you have a scenario where you don’t need to save changes or share them between users (for example, if the Grist doc is some deliverable like a report or piece of analysis), then skipping the special server might be actually desirable, to have everything under one roof.

I’m not sure if anyone actually needs such a thing (regular Grist embedding is probably what you want usually) but it was a fun experiment! Seems to work fine on up-to-date Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


That’s so cool!
I see so many use cases for this and will try to use it when i have to publish data in the future!
One can still use &embed=true with this btw, so it could be inlined nicely into a report or publication.

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