Using Grist on a static website

I made a proof of concept of showing Grist documents on a static website without any special back-end support:

Normally Grist documents are hosted on a special server, which does all the computations and makes sure that edits by one user are seen by all. With grist-static, the computations and edits are moved into your browser, all the server does is provide assets (.html files, .js files, .css files, images, and now .grist files :slight_smile: ). If you have a scenario where you don’t need to save changes or share them between users (for example, if the Grist doc is some deliverable like a report or piece of analysis), then skipping the special server might be actually desirable, to have everything under one roof.

I’m not sure if anyone actually needs such a thing (regular Grist embedding is probably what you want usually) but it was a fun experiment! Seems to work fine on up-to-date Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


That’s so cool!
I see so many use cases for this and will try to use it when i have to publish data in the future!
One can still use &embed=true with this btw, so it could be inlined nicely into a report or publication.


As I said earlier Grist + Seaborn library my wife was making a presentation on her project, the input data for which she prepared in Grist.
She took dozens of screenshots of data widgets.
The presentation was not conducted by her, but by the head of her project.
@paul-grist I think that this solution would be perfect as a presentation. You just need to pack it into one executable . exe
It is in this case &embed=true not suitable, bcs we need set access to public and formulas are the result of her work. At the same time, everyone can see the calculation model.