Using Grist with Multi-User Operation

Greetings, fellow Grist-ers,

Just installed Grist using Docker in my Synology DS220+.

Super impressed by what Grist can do and the potential it has.

I tried creating new users to test in Grist but there is no response.

Upon digging, I found that it requires a SSO server.

I got two requests:

#1 Create a simple login and password menu for multi-user operation

#2 Can admin create users without the need of sending an invitation link? Direct use of Grist upon creation of new user.

@Express_Grist have you checked those two threads ?

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Maybe also Making Grist easier to self-host

Yes, I did saw these two post.

I don’t know how to link the SSO with Grist

This is only for self use for now.

I need it for multi user use

Hi @Express_Grist, Grist Omnibus should work out of the box with multiple users, if you set EMAIL/PASSWORD, EMAIL2/PASSWORD2, EMAIL3/PASSWORD3 or better still hook up an SSO (but it sounds like you are having trouble with that).

The omnibus doesn’t have a user interface for user management. You need email or sms support for verifying accounts and resetting passwords etc, and that becomes a whole adventure in itself - not something a standalone image can do without a lot of configuration or access to some external services. And if you need external services anyway, it makes more sense to use an SSO.

For example, if you were willing to use Google, you’d just need to set these two lines in dex.yaml:

There are lots of tutorials for how to get a google client id and secret for logins. Dex supports other SSOs also - if there’s one that would be convenient for you, I could try and help set you up.

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Unfortunately, I’m a newbie in coding.

I shall await future updates.