UUID Problems Again

We created some records in a Page with a column that uses UUID. The strange thing is that every single time we reload the Document (i.e. navigate away and then come back to it), the UUID for each record will change! It’s hard to replicate the error, as sometimes they don’t change, but very often they do. This cannot be the intended functionality, or if it is that’s a big problem. The UUIDs are used in another application as a reference and it is assumed that UUID are unique and will not change. Why do the UUIDs refresh on a new page load? The UUID should be unique, generated once and never change. Imagine an application where a new primary key is re-generated all the time. The application would fall apart. Please look into this. I guess the questions is how do you use UUID() function on column and guarantee that it is only generated once, is unique, and never generated again?

It sounds like you’re using UUID() in a formula column, in which case recalculating them when the document reloads in the server is normal and expected, similar to the TODAY() or NOW() function. You should use it in the trigger formula of a data column to freeze a value.

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Thanks. OK, I didn’t realize UUID() should be used as a trigger, I just assumed it was generated once.