Viewing Multiple Images with Image Viewer

Hey all,

Not sure if this is something easily accomplished or not, but I’m hoping to be able to use the Image Viewer custom widget in Grist to be able to view multiple images (i.e. all images saved to a single dropbox folder), either all displayed at once or on a carousel or whatever. Anyone already try this out/have any ideas?

I’m dreading, yet anticipating, that it will involve coding a new custom widget, which I’m not equipped to do. But this feature isn’t a need: if it’s beyond my capabilities, then I’ll just prompt the user to click the dropbox folder URL and open in new window. Would still appreciate answers either way, as I’ll loop back to this later on once I have more time to learn a little webdev stuff to work on optional features like this.


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You are in luck – there is a now draft of a Dropbox preview widget, which you can try by choosing Custom URL in the creator panel, and putting this for the URL:

It allows previewing Dropbox files or folders. By default folders are shown as a list, but you can click a toolbar button to toggle to a grid to see bigger previews of the images in the folder. I’m interested in seeing if this addresses your wish.

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The Dropbox Embedder widget is now available in the list of custom widgets, as announced here: 2022/04 - Grist Help Center

Yes, I actually started using it right away! Unfortunately, the field team lead (who coordinates data entry) recently decided to go with Google Drive instead of DropBox, but it’s still awesome that the Grist team happened to be working on something that solved my problem right when I was having it :slight_smile: