"Virtual Table"

Is there a way to programmatically create a table based on data in other tables? Like a VIEW in SQL? I’m having a hard time finding the right “phrase” to find what I am looking for in your docs :slight_smile: Thanks!

There isn’t a ‘full’ way to do this, but depending on your use case there might be a decent workaround.

My best “approach” so far would be to write a custom plugin that generates e.g. a HTML table. But what would be sad is, that I could not further use the generated data from that table.

I often use summary tables for that: Summary tables - Grist Help Center

A little-known fact is that summarizing on a Reference List or a Choice List column creates a row for each item in the list. So that allows for some tricks to produce interesting “derived” tables. Do you want to share a specific example of what you’d like to accomplish?