Want to create a link that auto updates

I’m trying to create links like the search gmail link on the CRM template.

I have this link:

I need it to auto change the text from “Nita Gaylard” to say “Emma Lang” for each person. The names are currently one field, but I’ll change if I need to but would prefer if I didn’t (I.e. Emma Lang, not Emma in one and Lang in another).

(This is for Facebook group management and getting new moderators on board - Not cold DMing or similar!)

Any tips on how to do it? I know this below was the original formula on the CRM template and know I need to do similar, but still learning! :slight_smile:

from urllib import quote_plus
“Gmail search Gmail” % quote_plus($Email)

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Assuming you have a Name column:

from urllib import quote_plus
"Facebook search https://www.facebook.com/groups/146144436188767/search/?q=" + quote_plus($Name)

Then set the type of the column to Text and the format to Hyperlink.


Thank you!!! Saved me hours of searching as I need to open them multiple times… And do this again in the future, but more importantly, I’ve figured out how to do it on my own!!

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