Watch mode for development

Hello guys,

I’m trying to contribute to grist-core and so I setup a grist-core on my local computer. However, when I’m doing some change on the frontend, it does not reload and I have to build manually (using npm run build:prod command).

Do you have a way to have watch mode which is not documented ? Should I remove the build and it will automatically build ? Is my setup not working or the feature not available yet ?

Thanks for your work.

Thanks for reporting this @Louis_Delbosc. yarn start is supposed to watch client code, but I think a recent webpack upgrade we made broke that. Working on fixing it in

In the meantime you could try removing the --hide-modules flag from sandbox/ and then run yarn start. In principle changes you make to the frontend will now trigger a build. You will need to reload the page in the browser manually.

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Update: yarn start should work now (or npm start if you are using npm)