Webhook make Deta.sh available

Is it possible to put Deta – The cloud for makers and dreamers. on the allowed list of webhook targets for the hosted service.
It’s a nice service that allow to create cloud functions.
Is there a tutorial/video who to trigger/use webhooks ?


Hmm, I am getting Internal Server Error when I try to open https://www.deta.sh/ . . .

That’s weird, maybe the website was temporarily unavailable.
And I have some cron on it and I didn’t see any downtime✅.

I guess it was just a glitch with their homepage.

As for whitelisting deta.sh, no problem, we’ll do that. We’ll update here when it’s available.

As for how to use webhooks, the best documentation so far is at Support outgoing webhooks · Issue #76 · gristlabs/grist-core · GitHub. It’s not much because webhooks aren’t yet out of beta. Most noticeably, they are missing UI and a way to monitor and troubleshoot them. But we will be working on those issues soon.

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The deta.sh domain is now in the queue for being allowed for webhook delivery from our hosted service. Should take effect by Monday (November 21, 2022).

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