Webhooks curently have for update and adding but we lack a way to be notified for deletion

Adding webhooks was amazing for performance in apps. Because before i needed to pull the data from the tables every 60 secs. Wasnt sustainable longterm.
Currently i am using the webhooks for adding and updates. But i needed a workaround for when somebody deletes a row. Solved the lack of a webhook for deletion by having a table with all the names of the tables and adding a boolean field for force restart that table. That does pull the info from the table again. But it is indeed manual and up to the user. I would like to know if there is a better workaround that i didnt think for to know for when a row is deleted

What do you think about making “deleted” a “toggle”/boolean column? Then update the filters on your views to hide “deleted” rows. When the value of the deleted column changes for a particular row, it can trigger a webhook to execute.

It’s not ideal, but I think it’s the best option that exists right now.

The webhook could probably even be configured to delete the row from the database entirely using the API. And if you add access restrictions, you can prevent users from deleting a row (e.g., by right clicking and selecting “delete row”), forcing them to delete rows using the “deleted” toggle

Its a pain i have multiple tables with lots of data and webhooks queue overflows frequently denying the user to interact with the table.

I have thinked of that in the past but didnt even try because of that. Is not a solution for me.