Webhooks still working?

I have several webhooks (for some time). Created using api method or using pabbly connect, but the last week I get problems creating webhooks and getting responses. Is there a limitation on webhooks per table? Can I see how many webhooks I have? How can I make sure that the webhook is still working?



Hi @hera, there’s no hard limit on webhooks per table. You can inspect webhooks and get some information about errors using the endpoint described here Support outgoing webhooks · Issue #76 · gristlabs/grist-core · GitHub

If this is on the hosted service, if you DM me a document id (or contact support) I can see if there’s any helpful information on our side.

Thanks @paul-grist , I see a few webhooks of mine are giving this response:

What can I do about that?

A 404 sounds like the URL associated with the webhook is not found - perhaps it has been removed? You could use the _unsubscribe endpoint to remove such webhooks.

By the way, there is an engineer currently working on a UI for webhooks. It will be quite rudimentary to begin with, but hopefully better than no UI (and not even an official API) at all.


Is it worth waiting for triggers for n8n? Pardon my greed.

Hmm we don’t have anyone working on triggers for n8n @BiBo, if you know any coders all the code needed for Zapier triggers is at grist-zapier/triggers at main · gristlabs/grist-zapier · GitHub and should be easy to adapt (other integrator sites have done it).