WEBINAR: AI Assistant Best Practices - April 25, 2024

Grist’s AI Formula Assistant simplifies the hardest part of spreadsheets — formulas. In this webinar we share tips on how to get the most out of the assistant.


00:54 New Member Intro
04:38 User question regarding LLMs
06:02 Webinar Intro
08:00 What is the AI Formula Assistant?
08:35 Mechanics of Data Usage with OpenAI
09:34 AI Credits Per Plan Breakdown
10:00 Beginning of AI Assistant Demo with Rental Management Template
10:22 Review of Best Practices Covered
13:22 Transition to Live Examples
13:39 Example 1 Overview: People
14:48 Example 1A: Calculating Age
17:39: Using the “Clear Conversation” Best Practice
18:55 Example 1B: Is this tenant a senior?
19:51 Using the “Column Formatting” Best Practice
20:03 Example 1C: Is this tenant a minor?
21:21 Example 2 Overview: Lease Info
22:02 Example 2A: Current Status of Lease
24:40 Example 2B: Lease Amount Increase
27:08 Editing an AI Generated Formula
27:38 Example 2C: Total Rent Amount
29:21 Recap of Lesson/Examples
30:34 Transition to User Questions/Relevant Links to Consider
32:45 Recap of Formulas during Chat Questions and General Conversation
34:01 User Input Regarding Default Instructions
39:25 End of Webinar and Final Goodbye


Filtering a reference or choice column’s dropdown list is very useful in a variety of cases. In May, we’ll show you how to write dropdown condition formulas for the most common scenarios.

Join us on May 16th at 3pm!