WEBINAR: Reference Columns - June 20th, 2024

In June, we learned what references are, how reference columns work in Grist, and explained how to use them to build productive dashboards using the Event Speakers template.


00:15 User question: How to create a Markdown custom widget with Total Sales? :white_check_mark: See Answer
03:58 User question: Forms questions
07:00 Intro
07:23 Event Speakers template walkthrough
09:23 Importing data into Grist
10:31 User Question: Does each row have a unique ID and can we use it as an identifier?
11:30 D.R.Y. Principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself)
12:51 Creating a reference
15:16 Record Cards
16:17 Adding more data from the referenced table
19:13 Dot Notation
20:55 User Question: What’s the UUID?
22:09 User Question: How to book one speaker for several events?
22:50 Linking widgets
26:48 Reverse lookups and lookupRecords
33:53 Tip: Use toggle column when working with true/false values
34:31 Tip: Change the toggle color using Cell Style
38:03 User Question: I have table of Projects and table of Partners. I want to add a partner to a project from both Projects table and Partners table.
40:18 User Question: I have an Event table, Donation table (linked to Event), and a Person table (link to Donation), how do I create a dashboard where I would select an Event and see all Donations, then total donations from each Person. A person can make multiple donations for a single event. Would also like to see total donations for a single event.
45:37 User Question: Do you and the devs follow the Community posts? (Answer: YES!)
46:24 User Question: Is it possible to have a 1-to-1 relationship?

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