What features are lacking in the Grist Open Source edition?

For cost-sensitive customers, Grist has an open source edition, which includes almost all features, and which can be self-hosted for free.

In the FAQ at the pricing page, it says Grist Open Source includes ALMOST all features… so at least SOME features are lacking in it. But I did not find what.

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You can find this information at Self-managed Grist - Grist Help Center, if you look at the yellow tags next to the various sections. Most are tagged with both “core” and “enterprise” (“core” refers to grist-core, the open source edition), but a few are only tagged with “enterprise”.

The hosted (SaaS) version at getgrist.com also includes our own login system (with 2FA support), which is not part of either self-managed edition. And of course the SaaS version comes with the other big advantage over self-managed, which is that it’s managed :wink:

Its not the cost alone, its also data security.
Some data is so sensitive you’re simply not allowed to host it on 3rd party servers.

A big thank you to the grist team to open source this!


@enthus1ast , I completely agree.
I would add
→ Thanks for the documentation !
→ Thanks for the forum !

Grist really deserve a world wide recognition !
Should you need any support let us know how we can support you.


Completely agree, HOWEVER, if I am not mistaken, Grist offers a self hosted version that is still not free.

Thus, the Open Source free version is mostly cost alone, otherwise you could pay for the Enterprise Self Hosted.

So those would be:

  • Are there other authentication methods?
  • How do I activate Grist Enterprise?
  • How do I set up email notifications?
  • What if I need high availability?

It would be nice if there were just a table of features.

The hosted (SaaS) version at getgrist.com also includes our own login system (with 2FA support), which is not part of either self-managed edition.

Is that solved by using GitHub - gristlabs/grist-omnibus: an opinionated Grist+Dex+Traefik package for first-time self-hosters?

Yes, grist-omnibus packages a login system that supports multiple authentication methods, so it’s a great choice for open-source users.

Grist Enterprise has the bullet points you listed (plus support for storing document backups and snapshots on Azure, that’s under “How do I set up snapshots?”). It will get more enterprise-oriented features in the future, related to managing large teams, auditing access, etc.

The key benefit of Grist Enterprise is that it has the backing of our team, priority support, expert help with installation, configuration, and maintenance, and availability of custom work, including to create documents and migrate workflows to Grist.

The open-source version is very full-featured and well-maintained, however, and you are more than welcome to use it. If you do, we appreciate if you can enable telemetry on it (there is an opt-in setting in the latest version), so that we receive a little bit of info on how it’s used. Also you can now sponsor it on Github!

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Limits - Grist Help Center says “Attachments plus data in a single document are limited to 1GB on all plans.” Does that apply to the open source version? (Is it a technical limitation or storage cost limitation?) Likewise, are there limitations on the number of rows/records?

Jonathan, if I am not mistaken, there is a technical limit of 100.000 records per document on ALL Grist versions, even Enterprise. You also can´t connect documents, also a technical limit.

A suggestion i vaguely remember seeing somewhere was using a Grist connector with some automation stuff, like Zapier, to add more data to a Google Sheets or other Grist documents.


:sob: :sob:

Grist Omnibus is not working here. Can´t access from outside the server. XWiki running on same server, also Docker container, working flawlessly.

Logs indicate the Grist Omnibus is expecting an HTTPS, but we are sending an HTTP.

I think I found the issue – I responded in [SOLVED] Local use without https - #11 by dmitry-grist.

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One important one seems to be email support