Wrapping long lines by using Python's implied line continuation

Hello, just ran into another unexpected issue:

trying to wrap (break) a long line of code (a long formula) into multiple lines

Here is the code that works:

AND(NOT(ISERROR($Notification_DueDt.strftime("%y-%m-%d"))), $Done_Result=="", ISERROR($Completed.strftime("%y-%m-%d")))

Here is what I was trying to make it look like, but keep getting errors when trying:

NOT(ISERROR($Notification_DueDt.strftime("%y-%m-%d"))  \
and  $Done_Result==""  \
and  ISERROR($Completed.strftime("%y-%m-%d"))

Is there a way to break my original formula into multiple lines?
Open to suggestions on changing the logic.

You just need one more closing parenthesis ) at the end.

Also Python lets you just leave out the \ inside brackets, that’s what implied line continuation means.

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