Create a Nutrition Tracker for Tracking Calories and Macro Nutrients

I’ve been searching for a way to track my Protein and Calorie intake to help me replace my body fat with body muscle, hopefully in time for summer :sunglasses:!

I built a quick Grist solution which lets me input foods with their macro breakdown (in grams). It converts these grams to calories, and allows me to keep a detailed ledger of my food and drink.

I then plot my daily Macro nutrition as well as my Calorie intake to help keep me on track! Try it out here:

Nutrition Tracker - Grist (

While there’s a little bit of “database building” to record all foods I eat, it takes just a few seconds per food via a Google search and I suspect I’ll be able to cover 90% of my calorie intake with just 20 different foods.

I may eventually merge all of this data with my “Fitness Tracker” which tracks workouts and calories to chart out my Fitness journey. Measuring progress and making corrections is the only way I know how to get healthier, and Grist is making it a breeze!


This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Would you mind if I included it in our template gallery and gave credit to you in the pop-up document tour?

That would be so cool! Hopefully people will find it useful.