December 2023 Newsletter - Grist 2023 year in review, forms user testing and community showcase

We’ve published an overview of all that’s gone on during a very busy 2023 for Grist. Check out our Year in Review for the full scoop, as well as an abundance of amazing community contributions and a sneak peek at what’s to come in 2024. :brain:


What’s New

Coming (very) soon: Forms

Screenshot of the form editor’s design.

Forms are almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ll release a preview version for testing in January, and would love early feedback from users. To provide feedback, join our Discord server.


Beta Testing: Grist on AWS Marketplace

In 2024, we plan to release new options for self-hosted Grist, so that it becomes easier to run (and maintain) on your own infrastructure. Self-hosted Grist can already run almost anywhere, especially when someone has done the work of packaging it for your specific environment. One of the first examples of this was Adrian’s Grist package for Unraid, and one of the most recent is Florent’s Grist package for YunoHost from just last month.

At Grist Labs, we have started work on a Grist package for the AWS Marketplace, and are seeking friendly users on the AWS cloud to try it out and give feedback.

Interested? Please join our Discord and watch for an announcement in January, and thanks!

Other improvements

  • Advanced Charts and the JupyterLite Notebook are now official custom widgets available in the drop-down.
  • In table widgets, you can now hit the spacebar to open the selected row as a record card.

Community Highlights

  • On the Grist Discord, @CoverWhale shared their early-stage Grist Go client, with the delightful name Gorist.
  • Also on the Discord, @jperon shared a pug_py widget to help develop custom widgets.
  • Translation started for Romanian (thanks @chiuta)! See here for more information on translating Grist.
  • We are so impressed with @jperon’s diligence in solving as many Advent of Code puzzles in Grist as possible. Hero status. Just…just look at this: AOC2023 - Grist
  • Meanwhile at Grist…

Working on something cool with Grist? Let us know by posting in the Showcase forum!

Learning Grist

Webinar: Markdown Widget Magic :man_mage:

In January, we’ll learn how to use the Markdown widget to create printable PDF files, populated with data from your Grist document. We’ll rebuild our :memo: Proposals & Contracts Template to show you how it’s done!

Thursday January 18 at 4:00pm US Eastern Time.

Proposals & Contracts Template


Multimedia Views

In December, we covered multimedia views and explored even more ways to display your data. Maps and Notepads and Video Players, oh my!