Translating Grist

Since announcing translations, some Grist users have already jumped in and started new language translations using our Weblate project. Thank you!

Translated material flows from the Weblate project to the grist-core repository within 24 hours currently. Self-hosters can then use those translations immediately (if building Grist themselves) or the following day (if using the docker images we build). Users of our hosted service will have the translations in 1 to 2 weeks typically.

For now, we make partially translated languages available without any formal declaration of them being “complete”, with anything untranslated falling back on English. If this proves annoying we’ll revisit it.

If you’d like to translate Grist into a new language - yay! Thank you! Just post your intention to translate a particular language in this thread, and we’ll add the language on Weblate. Then you can work away independently. Doing a translation is work, and not something to get into lightly. But it also could be satisfying in its own way, and we’ve seen people complete a translation in a few days so it also doesn’t appear to be a quagmire. Thanks again!


Thanks, that’s correct. For example, I specifically wait for the release, and then I check the translation context on the server.

Let’s do this! I mean, it’s the least I can do, since I’m heavily relying on Grist for a monster research project of mine, and it hasn’t failed me once yet!
Please add Italian to the language list!


Added! Grazie mille Riccardo! :it: :heart:

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There you go! Finished just now… you may commit the outcome I guess! -r

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I registered at the Weblate project but I must confess I found some difficulty understanding how it works. Found some errors in the Brazilian Portuguese translation like “lixo” (trash) instead of Lixeira (Recycle Bin, Trash Bin)

That’s great, @Riccardo_Polignieri ! Your work was automatically pushed to Grist on github: Translated using Weblate (Italian) · gristlabs/grist-core@8c238f6 · GitHub
Thanks for the corrections @Rogerio_Penna, much appreciated. Your fixes were also automatically incorporated: Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Brazil)) · gristlabs/grist-core@1f2bdd6 · GitHub.
I see also a French tweak from JmiXIII, @BiBo working away on Russian, Polish from Przemek, and a Ukrainian translation from Denys. Quite a busy week!

Dentro de Widget, VISIBLE CAMPOS should be “Campos Visíveis” and “HIDDEN CAMPOS” should be “Campos Ocultos”.

The types of columns (in the Field/Campo) options are not translated.

Any = Qualquer
Text = Texto
Numeric = Numérico
Integer = Inteiro
Toggle = Seleção
Date = Data
DateTime = DataTempo
Choice = Escolha
ChoiceList = Multipla Escolha
Reference = Referência
Reference List = Lista de Referências
Attachment = Anexo

Formato da Célula:
Textbox should be “Caixa de texto”

As I have no clue what “Field in 2 views” does, I won´t translate it lol

UNDO = Desfazer
REDO = Refazer

SEARCH = Procurar

SHARE= Compartilhar

NOTIFICATIONS = Notificações

Hi Paul, if RTL is developed and you like to translate Grist to Arabic, I can help

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Hi @George_Mouawad, thanks, that would be great. I asked around to see how much work RTL would be to support and people sucked their teeth and looked serious, so it might be a while before we can get to it. But I look forward to taking you up on this :slight_smile:

Nested Filtering
I feel the next update will be promising!

Tell me more about it, saw nothing on the roadmap.

It is a bonus for translators that they see all the text entering the app, so they could be the first to spot a new unannounced feature :slight_smile: . In this case though I think @BiBo saw a title for a tooltip describing a familiar feature using a new name? Maybe from here:

Hope this isn’t too disappointing. If you liked the recent expand-widget feature, I’m hoping that sometime soon there’ll be a need to translate “Collapse widget” :grinning:

@RogerioPenna thanks for your suggested translations. Would you be up for updating them directly in Weblate?

Yes, but as I said, I didn´t properly understand how to use that website. I had already created an account to change some stuff, was able to find the text, but was confused where I saved the changed text, etc.

I can help with Persian, once RTL support is added as @George_Mouawad mentioned.

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Thanks @Siavash !

If I naively turn on dir=rtl on Grist, I see something like this:

I see plenty of problems (but also, some things work). Table grid should remain LTR overall, that’s a big thing. How does the rest of it look, generally, to your eyes @Siavash and @George_Mouawad? Assuming the text is replaced with appropriate translations.

I’d guess we could do some kind of crude LTR support, that gets the biggest must-haves right, but to polish it would be an iterative process, relying heavily on native users for advice, to clear up one awkward corner after another (there’ll be a lot of them).

Yeah, it can be a good start.

And for CSS, libraries which support bidirectional text usually use “start” and “end” instead of “left” and “right” to make things easier. For example in Bootstrap, instead of .ml-5 for margin-left, you’d use .ms-5.

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Please add Chinese(Simplified) to the language list!

Hi @gwq_jason - exciting! For Chinese(Simplified) I see a few options:

Screenshot from 2023-02-23 11-29-29

Is the first one fine?

Please add zh_hans