September 2023 Newsletter - Calendar widget, two new templates, and API endpoint for making SQL queries

What’s New

Calendar widget :spiral_calendar:

The time has come… the Official Grist Calendar Widget is here! We know its handy as we’ve already updated a bunch of our templates to include it. :sweat_smile: We’ve even created new ones that specifically feature the calendar widget (more info below).

  • Events are created using associated Date or DateTime columns

  • Day, week & month views

  • Drag-and-drop event editing

  • Support for cursor linking – select an event and have it update a linked widget automatically (this is helpful if you want to see an event’s details in a card widget, for example)


SQL endpoint

Grist now has an SQL endpoint that lets you run read-only SELECT queries via the Grist API! This is exciting for a very “select” set of Grist users. :cowboy_hat_face:

For example, here’s a simple SQL query performed on our Lightweight CRM template (these are not real emails!): SELECT Email FROM Contacts WHERE Due IS NOT NULL

See here for the complete API documentation.

Community Highlights

  • @jperon’s found a way to create an advanced search widget using Python’s eval method. See the community post for an example, as it’s a bit tricky to explain.

  • Shout out to @prijatelj.francek for their work on the new Slovenian translation. See here for more information on translating Grist.

Working on something cool with Grist? Let us know by posting in the Showcase forum!

Learning Grist

New orientation video

New Grist users will see an updated orientation video when they sign up, which may also be a helpful refresher for existing users.

Webinar: Calendar

Calendars are here! Learn all the tips and tricks to get the most out of calendar views in your documents. Cards pair nicely with calendars, so we’ll dive into card widgets, too.

Thursday October 26th at 3:00pm US Eastern Time.


Deconstructing the Payroll Template

When looking at our templates you may wonder why templates are structured in a particular way. In September we rebuilt our Payroll Template.

This template uses formulas to look up hourly rates based on person, role, and date. Learn how to build dynamic summary dashboards that summarize data by categories and let you drill into the records in those categories.



Trip Planning

Summer may be over, but that just means it’s time to plan your next trip. Use Grist’s new Trip Planning template to plan & organize multiple trips in one place, with detailed itineraries and packing lists. This template is also a great showcase for the new calendar widget!


Social Media Content Calendar

But wait, there’s more! We’ve adapted and improved the document we use internally to help keep track of our social posting and turned it into a template.

Build and track campaigns, approve content and schedule posts (text/image/video). And yes, this template makes great use of the new calendar widget as well!




Oh wow :slight_smile:

Im eager to try those!

edit: the sql endpoint will shorten alot of my old code, thank you again!
edit2: btw a nice addition for the calendar would be a color field/column


aaawesome :fire::fire:
I tried and wanted to integrate on the self hosted version GitHub - simonw/datasette: An open source multi-tool for exploring and publishing data : It automatically generates APIs, allowing you to run SQL queries effortlessly(read only) but you did it :slight_smile:
Can we use it inside of the widgets, it there a function to be able to execute sql queries ?
and thanks again

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You should look at this: Custom widget with Pug, Python and Parcel.js.

The calendar widget is awesome :raised_hands:
@paul-grist is this update available on grist-omnibus image yet?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @onis_csadi I believe the calendar widget is available in grist-omnibus, but it currently requires two extra environment variables to actually show up in the UI. They are:


With those two set, I see the calendar widget offered in the latest docker image for grist-omnibus.

There are some improvements coming to Grist that will make these settings unnecessary, but that’s the current situation.


@paul-grist that worked like a charm, thanks a million!
I appreciate the quick response - go raibh maith agat :raised_hands:

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