Embed Grist - Mobile and Tablet Responsive


Do you plan to allow Grist embed to be responsive?

I would like to use your table for our website. However it does not do well on responsive view.

Do you mind providing css code to break the columns on mobile view? I am trying with your css code but it is ignoring it.

Any help would be grateful!

Thank you

I viewed this in incognito and it is not pulling up at all.

When I add coding, it doesn’t work on within Grist.

If I manually add it to the Inspect window, it works just fine.

Hi @LHWM_Mininistries, one issue is that embedded Grist is shown within an iframe, and your styling won’t apply to the content within that iframe.

For the incognito view not showing: if that happens again and especially if it happens consistently, do you think you could look in the developer console for any errors or resource that didn’t load? I’m not sure what is happening there.

For responsiveness: I can see how the default mobile layout isn’t great for your case. Did you want to insert some css to try to solve that, or were you looking at applying your own fonts/coloring/theme?

I would appreciate the help to make mobile friendly, if possible. The breaking point would be 900px, just to make sure it looks good on all views.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I will add the coding within the custom HTML to customize that part.