Feature Request - Custom icon/favicon for each document

Could you add the ability to customise the icon which is shown for each document both within Grist and in the browser toolbar (favicon)?

This would help users to feel more comfortable using Grist for their projects and also make it easier to identify the document at a glance. It would also help to differentiate between documents when having more than one open at a time (multiple browser tabs).


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Great idea, Chris! Adding it to the list.

Another creator (coincidentally, also named Chris :slight_smile: ) had a similar feature request for page names. Feature Request In this thread, super123 suggested using emojis. I just tested it for page names and it helps.


Not a favicon but it can help you identify documents at a glance.

Thanks for pointing me here. I tried with some emojis and it’s hit and miss.


Strange, according to emojipedia, both the memo and sparkles were approved with unicode 6.0.

@alexmojaki Do you have any insight into which emoji would work, and which wouldn’t?

Yes I see the problem, a fix is on its way.



I know @Chris_Scott and @superstar123 have also discussed emojis in page names. :eyes: Keep an eye out for the fix for broader emoji support.

Looks like it’s working now

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