Feature suggestion: duplicate as new empty table

Would be good to be able to duplicate a table, whereby structure (and possibly data) are completely disconnected from the original table.

As I’m still learning the ropes with Grist API, I do tests on a duplicate of the target table first.
I learned that duplicating a table currently keeps it “linked” to the original table.
So what I do is download as CSV, import in new table, and reapply all column formatting.
A bit time consuming :slight_smile:

Perhaps there is a workaround?
In any case, duplicating a table with or without its data, in one click would be useful.

Making a new separate copy of a table’s data is definitely something we plan on adding.

For your use case of trying out changes in a safe environment, see Copying documents - Grist Help Center. This explains how to make a ‘fork’ which you can compare to the original in a way that nicely shows the differences

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Thank you! Good to learn about the Copying Documents feature, which indeed can be used as a potential workaround.