Import from file 'GenImporterView' actions need uncomplicated access

When trying to import from file as an [Editor] using the public link, users can’t
‘Import from file’
despite having all access rules possible green, this error is displayed when trying to import:
“Import failed: Blocked by access rules: ‘GenImporterView’ actions need uncomplicated access”

Is it possible to add a Access Rule to allow editors to do imports?

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Ah, this is interesting! Imports are currently possible by owners or editors in the absence of access rules. We are currently looking into making this more flexible. Your message is very timely!

Are public editors looking to import data to create new tables, or add data to existing tables?

I’m very interested in this use case. Would you be comfortable discussing it with me on a call? If so, I’ll send a calendar invitation privately.