Self managed > Team sites instructions?

The documentation suggests that self-managed versions can still create Team sites. However, the docs go on to say (paraphrasing), “but team sites don’t usually make sense for self-managed instances.” Still, I’d like to create Team sites.

When I go to profile icon in a self-managed instance and select + Create a new team site, Grist redirects me to the pricing page.

So it seems that there is just some setting which I’ve failed to trigger. Any advice is helpful. Thanks

There is discussion of this towards the end of this thread Grist core multi user docker setup - #32 by BiBo

There’s no friendly UI for this yet. There are two workarounds given here:

This user’s post contains a description of problems they had with the workarounds, and an edit with a solution that worked for them:

You can hide the (currently) useless link for creating team sites using style options:

Thanks @paul-grist for the workarounds.