URL Images as a Choice list?

I’m using image url’s as color blocks of order tags.

The custom widget converts the image urls, into the color blocks, but I can’t reference them or use them as a choice list.

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It’s not possible to reference the actual image of the color but you can reference the URL or color code.

I created a small example of some options: https://public.getgrist.com/2tv3e8qxpNFP/Community-715

If you wanted to reference the color URL on another page, you could add a label on the hyperlink so you know what color each URL is. Add a label at the front of the URL then change the cell format to “Hyperlink”. It will recognize everything prior to the link as a label.

In the Color Reference column of Table 2, I reference this column. You’ll see that it pulls the label and hyperlink. If you wanted to have the Image Viewer widget on another page, you can either split the reference column value (see Color Reference (Just URL)) or can use a formula to pull the value from Table 1 then convert the column to a Text / Hyperlink column (see Color Reference Link). Either of these columns could then be configured with the image viewer widget.

It looks like each of these colors represents the value in the name column - instead of color URLs, you could use Emojis. Emojis can be used in a choice or choice list column and can also be referenced.

I added a column called Symbol to Table 1. This is a choice column where I added different circle emojis as choices. In Table 2, I pull this data using a formula. It pulls the corresponding symbol for the color/link in the Color Reference column. I used the following link to copy emojis: https://getemoji.com/

There are ways to make custom emojis so you could potentially turn your color squares into custom emojis then include those custom emojis in your document.


Thank you. Can you unlock the doc?

Sorry about that! Should be accessible now :+1:


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