What data view and 3-rd party integrator would you like to see next?

@natalie-grist I responded to your post: Pabbly Connect

  • Notion
  • WhaleSync
  • Make.com (integromat)
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • Google Calendar

I realize now this topic is 2 years old.

@anais-grist , as NONE of those views has been created at GRIST, can you tell us if there was a problem in creating them, just a change of focus, or what? Thanks

No problem in creating them. We’re a small team and there are many competing priorities.

Coincidentally, just yesterday a user was able to build a calendar in Grist. He tweeted about it. https://twitter.com/ToJans/status/1638156999249502215 Maybe we can offer something light like this as a premade custom widget for now. A full calendar feature has a long tail of features, almost as long as a spreadsheet-database! :wink:

Btw, we greatly appreciate when users spread awareness about us on social media. If you want to help Grist grow and add tons of new features, help spread the word!

Grist now has a calendar widget! Calendar - Grist Help Center :tada::date:

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@anais-grist Is there any update on Kanban view?


Hi Cali, welcome!

Still no ETA on Kanban. Something we hope to get to when we have the bandwidth. :crossed_fingers:

It’s not difficult to create your own Kanban view, although you wont have the drag/drop feature.

However, there is a bug that prevents correct filtering when you change the status of a card.

Filters work to receive new content that matches, but content that stops matching does not disappear (Kanban style view test) - Grist Feedback - Grist Creators (getgrist.com)

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