What data view and 3-rd party integrator would you like to see next?

@natalie-grist I responded to your post: Pabbly Connect

  • Notion
  • WhaleSync
  • Make.com (integromat)
  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel
  • Google Calendar

I realize now this topic is 2 years old.

@anais-grist , as NONE of those views has been created at GRIST, can you tell us if there was a problem in creating them, just a change of focus, or what? Thanks

No problem in creating them. We’re a small team and there are many competing priorities.

Coincidentally, just yesterday a user was able to build a calendar in Grist. He tweeted about it. https://twitter.com/ToJans/status/1638156999249502215 Maybe we can offer something light like this as a premade custom widget for now. A full calendar feature has a long tail of features, almost as long as a spreadsheet-database! :wink:

Btw, we greatly appreciate when users spread awareness about us on social media. If you want to help Grist grow and add tons of new features, help spread the word!