May 2024 Newsletter - New Grist Business plan, a formula timer utility, draggable conditionals and admin console improvements!

What’s New

New Grist Business plan

We’ve been working hard to make sure Grist suits larger teams with complex and sensitive data. To address this segment, we’ve updated our Pricing page to include a new Business plan — with a Self-Managed flavor! We’re hoping this new plan increases the transparency of pricing around Grist deployments that could use more of our support, rather than requiring organizations to reach out directly for pricing info.

There’s also a new option to subscribe annually. New Pro subscriptions are now $10 on the monthly plan, but still at $8 if paying annually. Existing Pro subscriptions are not affected by this change.

We’ve also updated our Professional Services page to include some new opportunities we have regarding getting expert help building Grist documents.

Formula timer


Enough is enough – it’s time to put your formulas through their paces. :running_woman::stopwatch:

It’s a common event to see a spreadsheet collapse under its own weight, like a dying star composed of conditionals. Even mighty Grist documents can slow down when the power of Python goes unchecked. But now there’s a way to diagnose your formulas before things go supernova. Introducing the formula timer, which lets you time formulas for specific changes or for a full document reload.

For more information, read all about saving milliseconds with the formula timer — written by one of the newest additions to the Grist Labs team, Jordan! :wave:

Ordering conditional styles (with bonus draggability)


You can now easily reorder conditional styles, on both rows and columns! Don’t ask how this was accomplished previously!

Self-hosting admin console improvements


Our new admin console is continuing to grow and develop as we work towards our ambitions of easier self-hosting. :soon:

  • The app’s authentication method is now included in the “Security Settings” section. If not set up, you’ll be warned. :raised_hand::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • Boot panel checks are now visible (and expanded/improved based on your feedback!). We’re still iterating on this, so please let us know on Discord if you have any more feedback.

  • To make the panel more robust, it now honors emergency access via a GRIST_BOOT_KEY setting if authentication is broken, and should even be usable if the app has some common misconfigurations. This means you can count on the admin panel not becoming inaccessible just when you need it most!

Community highlights

  • marc.fargas has provided our community with a excellently detailed walkthrough of his Grist → PDF rendering pipeline. The solution does require external services (which may not be completely free), but it’s an great example of extending Grist.

  • Riccardo_Polignieri has created a Python wrapper for Grist’s API called PyGrister! Get more Python in your workflow!

Working on something cool with Grist? Let us know by posting in the Showcase forum or our #grist-showcase Discord channel!

Learning Grist

Webinar: Reference Columns

In June, we’ll dive into what references are, how reference columns work in Grist, and explain how to use them to build productive dashboards using the Event Speaker Template.

Thursday June 20 at 3:00pm US Eastern Time.

06.20.24 OG Image


Reference and Choice Dropdown List Filtering

In May, Anais returned to look at how filtering a reference or choice column’s dropdown list is very useful in a variety of cases. See how to take advantage of one of Grist’s newest and most sneakily-powerful features.



So many THANKS for the timing feature! It’s something I hadn’t even dared to ask!


Awesome. I asked a few times for the hability to drag and drop and change the order of the field conditional formatting.

It seems those features were not released yet on Grist Core 1.1.14