Sharing limits frustration

Hi folks!

I understand that it is not possible to share a document with more than two persons. There is any way, or foreseeing, of increasing this number?

I also understand that I could add “n” people as a “Team Member”, but it has a cost out of my budget.

Working with students on small projects is a little bit frustrating that we have to overcome this limit using one “community account” for a group of 3, 4 or 5 (maximum) students.

But GRIST still awesome!



Hi Eduardo, in 2022 we introduced a team site plan that allows unlimited users:

You’ve been using Grist a while, right? Could it be you are on an older site with a previous plan? If so you could make a new free site, or contact support to get switched over. If switching, you’d want to review the limits on free teams to make sure they are compatible with what you are doing, especially row limits. Just scroll down a bit on the pricing page:

Hi @paul-grist. Thanks for the reply, but I’m still confused about what should I do. The “Free Team Site” looks promising! Should I create one now? Am I eligible to do so? I have an “Non-profit discount account”.

I already have a “” site. Could it be migrated to a “Free Team”?

I think it’d be best to write in to summarizing your situation. Your current site could have a higher row limit than a free team site would have, for example.

In the meantime if there are collaborations you want to do with groups of students on small documents (up to 5000 rows), anyone can create a free team site, and it wouldn’t interfere with your current site.

I sent a message to @Support1 / @natalie-grist . No reply yet…

Natalie is out on maternity leave (:tada:). I see your support ticket has been waiting 6 days, I’m sorry about that. I see that Jarek has given you one option (Migration to free team sites). If you can wait a little longer, there may be alternatives we can offer a non-profit with a pro-level plan (e.g. higher row limits) with concerns about per-seat pricing.